Wellspring of wisdom

As he often does, Steve Wildsmith captured a bit of what is needed right now.

In this piece from the Nov 18th Daily Times, he entreats us to listen, really listen, but also to share.   Here’s an excerpt:

And when you try to start telling people what they feel, what they should think, you marginalize them. You make them angry. You cause them to push back, to lash out, to use whatever means are at their disposal to make themselves heard.

This seems pertinent in the aftermath of the election, but also in preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  You know who’s going to be there!  Imagine the one(s) that you most dread talking with…that might be the place to start…

See you Sunday at 9:15 am in the library.


PS  in case you didn’t remember – the HS mentoring program Anna mentioned – Tennessee Achieves!

PPS  Bring something for the community food connection and be ready to talk about something you are (or should be) thankful for.

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