Do you speak-a my language?

I just returned from Phil’s beautiful memorial service and reception.

These are moments when we come together in communion and laugh, and cry, and get down to the serious business of being human that we try to hard to avoid most of the rest of the time.   Things like life, death, love, sadness, loss, redemption, love (did I say that already?).

So, after telling Kit that I would post something, she says, “Make sure it is something profound and meaningful (paraphrase)”.

So I come home and flipped in my ReFocus notebook to see that it was a year ago that we were working our way through Brother Lawrence, who worked in the kitchen at a monastery.  Phil strongly recommended that we take a look at his collection of letters and writings, and even went so far as to buy a copy of Br. Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God  for us to read together.  He wrote of his everyday life and observations, but how this simple life was infused with the presence of God…so much so, that others came to him to help them cultivate such a connection.  Well, on that same page in my notebook I wrote the following:

Br Lawrence prayer.  What did YOU observe this week?  fox, tree, language, potholes, memorial for teen escapee.

Sermon – insight.  Moses had to turn aside to observe the burning bush.  The Lord saw that he had turned aside…  Seek the Lord and he will be found… The wise men learned about Jesus from their study of astronomy, and their observation of a star.  That happened to be their specialty.

What if God is actively trying to speak to us in languages that only we can understand?   what does that make our role?  To listen carefully, but also to listen for God’s message, no matter what or who the medium?

Where do insights come from?  What about wisdom?

So here’s a question for us all. What are the ‘languages’ we know?  What are messages we get from the world around us that others might not?   Examples I can think of: novels, history, math, nature, photographs, bird songs, moods, flower arrangements, tone, facial expressions, poetry, music, and a thousand other ways we receive messages besides verbally.

If you are struggling to think of what ‘languages’ you know, think about a time when you just knew something – nobody told you, yet you knew it?

Come on to the Library tomorrow – and remember, there’s a parish breakfast at around 8:50 am.   John

Another resource for connecting to current issues and how the Episcopal church is responding.

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One Response to Do you speak-a my language?

  1. Wendy Markham says:

    Love this. I hope to be back soon. Too much being out of town as of late.

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