What’s your Role?

Hi all,

We recently had a parish leadership retreat, and followed that with our first Lenten soup supper program, both exploring what St Andrews looks like now, and what we’d want it to look like, say five, or eight years from now.

This has led to some rich discussion and creative ideas for how we continue to achieve our mission while recognizing some financial and demographic trends which don’t work to our advantage.  These include an aging population, declining pledges…and these trends extend beyond our parish to the national church.

So, in that vein, I’d like us to contemplate our roles in the community of St Andrews.  What part(s) do WE as individuals play?  Why?

This week, we’re going to try a creative exercise aimed at helping us understand our role and maybe give some new insights.

Come ready to share, learn, and have some fun.  You’ve earned it!


PS  watch the St Andrews facebook page  for news of how this weekend’s weather might affect services and Sunday School.  Stay safe!

PPS Episcopal news service had this article on Episcopalians and political action.  http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com/ens/2017/03/09/episcopalians-differ-on-churchs-activism-and-mixing-faith-and-politics/



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