Hi all-

Let me rewind a bit and share with you the prayer that I read in class a few weeks ago.

In the name from Peter Rollins on Vimeo.

It is by Pàdraig Ó Tuama and the following link is the recent On Being that I mentioned.

Ok, now to the present.

Is anyone else struggling with the quiet, intentional space of Lent and the firehose of national news? Let’s check in a bit. What practices are supporting you? What insights can you share?

Our gospel reading this week is John 9–that’s the one about the man who tells of his experience that though he was blind, now he sees.

It has me thinking about blind spots and new ways of seeing life.

How does the way we look at our world influence our ability to see?

What do we demand to see? What are we willing to not see?

What is the difference between being blind and just not noticing?

When have you been blind and later could see?

When has our community been blind and later could see?

How does a community notice blind spots? How do we talk about those blind spots with each other? Like for real. Right now. How do we do this?

How do new ways of seeing come to be? What do those new ways of seeing make possible? Like for real. This week. What becomes possible?

Of course, everything makes me think of U2.  Here is Invisible from the Paris concert that followed the terrorist attacks. The way this song is staged is something else.


See you in the morning.


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