Love your (other) Mother

Looking back over our classes from Mother’s Days past, it is clear that this is a holiday that many of us have struggled with.  That is to say, the typical Hallmark card doesn’t capture all of what this day dredges up.  Motherhood is complicated and fraught with danger, misunderstanding and suffering – we are not going there again this year!!

So, in keeping with our last few weeks’ topic, let’s send the mothers in our lives the very best wishes we can muster, then delve into our other mother…Mother Nature, Mother Earth, source of our material sustenance and needs for life.  Think about it, when you trace every one of your necessities back to their origins, you will find dear old mother earth at the end of the chain.  We take, we expect, we demand.  We’ve earned it!  We can afford it!  We need it for our convenience!  our security!  our lifestyle!  Our image!

If we are the children of the earth, and we are sometimes difficult offspring at best, what is the card we should send our Mother?  What do you think she needs to hear? What do we need to say?  What, in the end, does she want from us?  What, as Christians charged with stewardship of the earth, do we owe her?

Come ready to share where you find wonder in the natural world – that should be a start for how we can show real appreciation for Mother Earth.

See you tomorrow!


PS  Here’s a version of Shel Silverstein’s, The Giving Tree, read aloud.  I think this fits.



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One Response to Love your (other) Mother

  1. Wendy Markham says:

    Very nice! Thank you.

    Wendy >

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