Take this heart

Dear ones,

Our ReFocus class has come to a close.

John has made plans with the parish to organize an adult Sunday school offering at St. Andrew’s that transitions in a new direction. He shared his plans and ideas with me last night, and I trust that any direction he goes will be mission-focused and full of grace. He may start a blog, so be on the lookout for a new virtual space from him and look for a new class from him this fall.

It’s been a great 11 years, and I’m so grateful to have shared Sunday mornings with you. From our early, bleary-eyed grappling with parenting topics to the anxious pushing and pulling of healthcare and politics (and then healthcare redux!), from wondering what counts as resurrection to practicing forgiveness, from navigating Thanksgiving table conversations to following a star, our class has covered some ground. We have also found our way into hearts and insecurities and troubling questions and doubt.

We came together in community each week, with different participants and with varying dynamics, and made our way through topics and towards each other.

I’ll always be proud of that truth.

I will be looking for new places and spaces and ways to grow. Hold this blog space if you want to keep up with the new ground I explore.



p.s. my prayer, today and most days:

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One Response to Take this heart

  1. Ann Houghton says:

    Hadn’t heard that song before, thank you.

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